Trump’s handicap: 783 hours of golf so far in the presidency


“I will work for you. I will not have time to play golf, “Donald Trump promised in the middle of the campaign in August 2016. However, once he assumed the presidency in January, both his visits to golf courses and his games are constant. Hence, a data expert has created the web ( in which she exposes with great detail the trips, departure times and the cost for US taxpayers of the “drivers” of your commander in chief.

On the web, they highlight that since the day of the inauguration, Trump has visited golf courses 72 times. What is an expense of 75,901,767 dollars. The mogul not only travels from the White House to Florida, to his residential complex in Mar-a-Lago, he also travels to the Trump National Golf Club at Bedminster, in New Jersey.

According to data from Trumpgolfcount, Trump has spent 25 days in Mar-a-Lago and 33 in Bedminster. The website also lists the hours that, during those days, he used to play golf. In total, 783 hours. Although, as Sophie Germain explains, in front of the web, she never thought that it would be so ambiguous to track the visits and golf days of “perhaps the most observed human being on the planet”, because she assumed that “it would be incredibly easy”.

Germain indicates that the platform was released in early March 2017. “It was very easy to create and at that time (he had not been in the US for two months), Trump had already gone to play golf very much, so that it was obvious that golf was a great example of his manifest hypocrisy. ” Germain created the website because he liked the idea of ​​being accountable, or at least generating a single place where Americans could verify that Trump, no doubt, plays golf a lot. ”

As Germain explains to this newspaper, he thought that keeping track of Trump’s visits to golf clubs was going to be an easy task. “I realized that the press follows the president everywhere and publishes their online locations, so I thought it would be easy to document the number of times I played golf, so I started following the White House press announcements and looking the social networks of the journalists that covered it. I did not know there was going to be so much secrecy around his golf, or that he literally lived at the golf club when he visits Bedminster, New Jersey! ” As described by Germain, “the fact that his residence and the golf course are on the same property makes it even more difficult for the press to guess whether or not he is playing golf.”

Rafael, a driver of Cuban origin, did not vote for Trump. “He is a rich child and acts as such. Well he criticized Barack Obama for going to play golf and now he does the same and many more times, costing us millions of dollars “. Although there are others in Miami who do not care at all that their president has a hobby. “Obama also played basketball and nobody criticized him,” confesses Mercedes, a 69-year-old pensioner who did vote for the current president.

When asked to Germain what other aspects of Trump’s presidency should be monitored, she replies that “Amy Siskind inspires you

, which documents the most disturbing aspects of the actions of this corrupt Administration, which are much more significant than their golf. ” What’s more, for Germain, “all the fact-checkers and the people who call Trump’s attention when he breaks the rules and violates the rights of the population, are extremely important for American democracy. The reason for being, in a lighter way, of TrumpGolfCount “.

Germain confesses that he really has no problem with the president playing golf. “What bothers me is that our president has no respect for the truth,” he says.

His website has not yet been attacked by computer hackers, but he has received emails full of hate. “Fortunately, the number of pleasant emails is much greater than that of hateful ones. There are many, many Americans who are ‘resisting’ Trump. “