Apple apologizes for the “misunderstanding” of slowed-down iPhone


Apple on Thursday published a letter to customers in which he apologizes for the “misunderstanding” generated around the slowdown of the iPhone and offered discounts for users who want to change the battery of your phone.

Last week, the company acknowledged that it intentionally slows down older phones when a new software update is downloaded, but defended that it did so to lengthen the mobile’s battery and prevent it from collapsing.

These explanations were insufficient for some clients, and only in the United States were nine lawsuits filed accusing Apple of fraud, false advertising and illicit enrichment.

The company said in the statement that there has been a great “misunderstanding” and asked for “apologies” for having “disappointed” its customers, while offering a significant discount to users who want to change the batteries of their phones.

From the end of January until December 2018, changing the battery of an iPhone 6 or a later model will cost 50 dollars less, since the price will go from 79 to 29 dollars.

Some iPhone users have long been denouncing that Apple artificially slows down the older iPhone through the iOS update to encourage the purchase of new models.

This suspicion gained strength last week, when a developer showed with data that the iPhone 6 was slower after each new software update.

The explanation that Apple gave then to several media was that the slowdown of the terminals was a minor evil to avoid that the mobiles with older batteries were blocked after the update and, although it could worsen the user experience, it was less annoying than the collapse continuous of the iPhone.

In the statement, Apple acknowledges that it has received complaints from some users who saw their phones slow down after downloading the new version of iOS, which the company initially blamed on two factors.

On the one hand, small software errors that are already solved and, on the other hand, the “normal and temporary” effect caused by the download of any new update.

However, Apple pointed today to a third important reason: the aging of the batteries of the iPhone 6 and 6S, especially in those terminals that still use their original batteries.

Apart from the discount, Apple announced that the next update of iOS will include a tool that will allow users to know the “health” of the battery of your iPhone so that users decide whether to change it or not.

The company promised to continue looking for new ways to improve the performance of their iPhone and, above all, avoid the “sudden collapse” of aging terminals.

“We are able to work on what we like thanks to their faith and their support and we will never forget it or we will take it for granted”, concluded the letter that Apple sent to its clients.

The statement came a day after Apple made public the increase in the compensation of its head, Tim Cook, which in 2017 received $ 12.8 million, twice the previous year, thanks to the good results that marked the company.

The CEO of Apple also received in this exercise an additional package of shares of the company valued at 89 million dollars, which brings the total amount of his compensation to about 102 million dollars.