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Job post in Florida

We are looking for people interested in learning and working in the next tax season with us. He works from home. Free training. Those interested...

Annette Taddeo Wins Election, First Latina Democrat in Florida State Senate

WASHINGTON — Florida elected its first Latina Democratic state senator, Annette Taddeo, in a special election victory that gives Democrats a legislative seat held...

Trump Says ‘No Deal’ Was Reached With Democrats to Extend DACA

President Donald Trump insisted Thursday morning that there was “no deal” with Democrats to extend protections for so-called Dreamers, but pleaded with congressional leaders...

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Opinion: Puerto Rico Needs A Major Military Rescue Operation Now

by JULIO RICARDO VARELA BOSTON, Mass. — It's not like we weren't warned. On September 18, Carlos Mercader, the executive director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, said in an opinion piece in The Hill...

Opinion: Under Trump, the Worst Hispanic Heritage Month Ever

by RAUL A. REYES Last Wednesday, the White House issued a proclamation announcing the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 15. But this year, some Latinos are wondering what...

Voices: But for a Paper, I Could Have Been a Dreamer

by THANIA SANCHEZ NEW HAVEN, Connecticut —I was brought to this country as a child by my family. I was 11 years old. My parents made this decision based on what they felt...


Shelter in Canada: These are the documents you should keep in mind

Many of the people who are coming to seek refuge in Canada once they have successfully passed the entire eligibility and admissibility process at the border or at an immigration office...

Immigrating to Canada: Advantages of Free Trade Agreements

Citizens of Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru can take advantage of FTAs to immigrate With all the changes that have occurred in recent years in the Canadian immigration system, undoubtedly one of...

Helping a relative or friend to emigrate to Canada

Today, reading some comments in the forum of immigration consultants I found one that spoke of the pain felt by an immigration consultant when sitting with a refugee applicant to prepare...

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