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FEMA nominee who withdrew helps win $133M Puerto Rico hurricane contract

WASHINGTON — A multinational engineering firm contends that a $133 million contract for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico was inappropriately awarded to the firm...

Trump puts pressure on the Democrats by linking the future of...

Washington - Agencies. At 8:16 in the morning in Florida, Donald Trump returned this Friday to one of his favorite hobbies: demanding from his rivals...

Rep. Tony Cardenas’ fundraising is boosting Latino clout in Democratic races

WASHINGTON – When he campaigned for chairman of the Hispanic Caucus’ political action committee – BOLD PAC – Rep. Tony Cárdenas promised to double, maybe triple...

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Who can you claim as a dependent?

Information about dependents. You will not go very far in making your own taxes without facing this question. It is critical to your tax return, since for every dependent who can...

Jibaro Guerrero

So that he who does not know what my warrior spirit is about and I will leave modesty aside. I come from a hamlet where many times we lacked many material...

What happens now that President Trump has ended DACA?

By Thomas W. Roach and Eamonn P.S. Roach, Attorneys President Trump stopped the DACA program. What does that mean for those of us who have qualified for the Deferred Action for Childhood...


How can you leave a detention center if you are arrested by the Canadian...

In the columns of the last two weeks I have written about the risk of people living without immigration status in Canada during this Christmas and New Year. This, due to...

What can an undocumented immigrant do in Canada if they arrest him?

In last week's column, I explained that with the arrival of the Christmas and New Year festivities, many Hispanics who live without status in Canada should take extra precautions to avoid...

How to get Canadian residency coming from the United States

The first thing that must be stressed is that residents and citizens of the United States must meet the same conditions as citizens of any other country in the world when...

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