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Argentina takes the first step to legalize abortion amid social pressure

The Argentine society is changing at an unexpected speed. The homosexual marriage, unthinkable a few years ago, when it suffered the harsh opposition of...

Trump puts pressure on the Democrats by linking the future of...

Washington - Agencies. At 8:16 in the morning in Florida, Donald Trump returned this Friday to one of his favorite hobbies: demanding from his rivals...

Rep. Tony Cardenas’ fundraising is boosting Latino clout in Democratic races

WASHINGTON – When he campaigned for chairman of the Hispanic Caucus’ political action committee – BOLD PAC – Rep. Tony Cárdenas promised to double, maybe triple...

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Who can you claim as a dependent?

Information about dependents. You will not go very far in making your own taxes without facing this question. It is critical to your tax return, since for every dependent who can...

Jibaro Guerrero

So that he who does not know what my warrior spirit is about and I will leave modesty aside. I come from a hamlet where many times we lacked many material...

What happens now that President Trump has ended DACA?

By Thomas W. Roach and Eamonn P.S. Roach, Attorneys President Trump stopped the DACA program. What does that mean for those of us who have qualified for the Deferred Action for Childhood...


Consequences of family breakups during Immigration processes

Dependent permits mean just that, depending on what happens with the principal applicant. A couple of days ago a couple came to my office to reevaluate their case. She came to Canada...

Community prepares for eventual arrival of Salvadoran refugees from the United States

On Friday of last week, the Council for the Protection of Refugees announced that it will no longer work with the times established by the previous government for the processing of...

How to enter Canada legally?

Salvadorans affected by the TPS could apply to the Skilled Workers Program. This week, the United States government announced that it will cancel the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that it gave to...

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